Monday, October 29, 2012

Goodbye Pico

The Pico Apocalypse is sentenced to come.

Pico will be gone.


after all the money I spent?

I'm glad I didn't spend as much as most people did though...

I started playing on March 03, 2010.

I was one of the early birds.

And at peak times, I loved this game more than anything.
I wasted a lot of time on it and I even made a blog about it.

Even though I only bought AG like two or three times... I can say I was one of the biggest addicts in the game's history.

I once said: "Pico is not a game, It's a place."

I honestly loved this game place despite: the administrators' bad english, the excessive amount of premium items, lack of fun features (like fishing), high amount of lag, and the high amount of cheaters and hackers. Coz there are still a lot of nice people here. In this game, I met more people I can relate to, and more people that can relate to me, than in real life. This so called virtual social life's better than my real social life.

There are people in the internet that I'm very glad that I've became friends with, and I consider them real friends despite knowing them only across the internet.
And I wish to be friends with them forever. 
Thanks to you, Pico.
If it wasn't for you... I wouldn't have known them.

I admit though, that just lately, I labelled and considered Pico as boring and since then, I wasn't logging in it anymore.

But this "shutting down" thing made me remember the fun memories I had and the love I once had for this game.

Pico said in their website that they're shutting the game down  on December 17, 2012. 
Some are making petition against it, and some are saying it's BS

It's sad that a game which once became my favorite, has to shut down and be inaccessible forever. But I think it's about time, you've already played a role in my life, Pico, thank you. (now time for Pigg lol)

But if this shutting down thing gets cancelled, this whole drama post would just look embarrassing.

But it's okay. This whole blog is already a shame anyway...

anyway... about this blog... I might still post here (but rarely)... stuff about Pigg this time.

if... there are still readers... I'd like to thank the people who read some of the nonsense written in here by the way, I truly appreciate that.

And this would be the end of this blog post. Coz I don't know how to end a blog post. X)

...bye Ameba Pico...

Thursday, April 26, 2012






Anyway, is my new theme too


Anyway do I still have any readers left?

Or did I ever have readers?

Well you know I was losing interest and hope for this game (Ameba Pico).

Then while standing emptily in Japanese Park.

I thought... if I'm new to this game... like... I just started today... what would I think about this game?

I answered to myself.... lol yeah I talk to myself... other people talk to theirselves too anyway... when they pray. Ba Dum Tss.

lol anyway...

I answered to myself... hey are you even reading?

I answered to myself... I may find this game interesting like an online Sims... or a non-ugly version of IMVU.

Decor house, dress up, and the most interesting part... make friends.

And then I thought... I already have those things.

Those things new players would want.

I mean, I'm not that rich but... I have the items that I want.

I'm contented with my house.

And most of all... I have friends.

So now I'm back in wasting my life in this game.

Ameba Pico I mean.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Pico Memes

So I got tired of blogging about FAILS.

Now I just thought to blog about...

well.... you do know about Advice Animals right?

A popular type of memes.

So I thought of making a couple of it related to Pico.

Scumbag Chloe:

Hipster Hound:

and Scumbag Pico Pet:

My friend Bry also makes these types of memes. But posts them in his page instead. Maybe it's a better idea to post them on facebook? Does anyone still browse Blogspot?

Well anyway go like his page here.

It's awesome.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pico FAILS: What a good Fail, I mean way to start this year.

Happy Year Of The Leopard

yep... it will let's you win.

Oops the first greeting was wrong...
Happy Years Of the Leopard.

Submitted by: Yumiko✩

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Erizo Schultz (Ameba Pico Music Video)

So for all those few people that reads my blog. I haven't posted anything for quite long. Fails have been boring and only filled with spelling errors.

So here's another shitty simple music video instead.

Maybe as a jumpstart too for being back on posting.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Pico FAILS: Merry Christmas, we UPGRATED the Gacha

Le fallire di natale.

oh and if ever this is an actual word (upgrated).

Let me know.

But I don't think so.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Pico FAILS: Time Travel

Long time no post.

So anyway thank you DQ.

For letting me know about this fail.