Friday, October 8, 2010

Something Wrong about the escargot ride

Do you see it?
Look again!
Do you see it now?
It's the speach balloon you moron!
huh? what's a speach balloon?
I give up -.-

Balloon Invasion!

Are you tired of getting balloons from gacha? Do you hate them, or think that they are nothing but garbage? Think again! Everything has its own purpose in life
This is the "Balloon Invasion Prank" which is done to your offline buddie's room. Flood it with balloons together with your other friends.
The owner will be Like Ohh.... wtf???? my room's a mess! who did this?!

And i'm very confident that i'm the first one who did this on Pico. If you think it's you, shut up! it's me.

warning : the picture you see is NOT the first and NOT the best prank to date. But I'm the one who lead the attack that time. :)

and I also wanna pay credit to the room owner O739


spelling FAIL