Saturday, December 4, 2010

Told and handsome

Let's inspect this pico profile

Given Detail : He's from USA, as a USA flag is shown at the top of his profile.

Question : Do you believe he's from USA?

If he's really an american, then americans can't speak english for shit! Or is it just the spelling wrong?
Hi I am Jeremy from USA and I am "told  and handsome"
I think you meant "tall" right there sir!


Also he wrote there: cute just see my pic.
This guy is literally asking for a date

But you know maybe i'm wrong, maybe there's a new shit going on that i'm not aware of. 
A new idiomatic style of presenting yourself or something?

And maybe he really lives in the USA. The US flag does'nt really means he's an american, he could be Chinese, he's just in america.

Yeah! maybe -.-

ugh! is this rant too much?
should've I wrote this as PicoFAIL instead?