Monday, February 28, 2011

Rebelion took a whole new level : Happy Oliver fan photo or Death threat?

Our top news for tonight.
Is about the recent
Happy oliver campaign(2/25)
And also a fan art to go with it.
Here it is.

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credit to Frank(me) who edited the photo. 0.o

I know Right!!!

It's full of hate.

But don't blame her(Caмbria)

After all those chasing, those waiting.

And you didn't win.
You'll feel the same way as her 
I promise.


Was Oliver actually got scared of that?

I think yes!

That girl! (Caмbria)

Actually won the campaign! 

is she a Pico Mafia or something?

what you don't believe that she won?

Here is a proof.

/shivers X)

well that's it for today's pico news.

I'm The Hound.

Until next time.