Thursday, April 26, 2012


Anyway do I still have any readers left?

Or did I ever have readers?

Well you know I was losing interest and hope for this game (Ameba Pico).

Then while standing emptily in Japanese Park.

I thought... if I'm new to this game... like... I just started today... what would I think about this game?

I answered to myself.... lol yeah I talk to myself... other people talk to theirselves too anyway... when they pray. Ba Dum Tss.

lol anyway...

I answered to myself... hey are you even reading?

I answered to myself... I may find this game interesting like an online Sims... or a non-ugly version of IMVU.

Decor house, dress up, and the most interesting part... make friends.

And then I thought... I already have those things.

Those things new players would want.

I mean, I'm not that rich but... I have the items that I want.

I'm contented with my house.

And most of all... I have friends.

So now I'm back in wasting my life in this game.

Ameba Pico I mean.

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